Childhood Dreams

The prompt at dVerse Poets Pub yesterday was to write a poem about our calling, or the calling of someone else. One of the suggestions was to write about what you wanted to be when you were a child. So I went to Facebook and asked my Facebook friends to tell me what they wanted to be when they were a kid and whether their actual job was close to that dream. I didn’t get a ton of responses (only three—maybe I picked a bad time of day or I made the mistake of saying the commenters would end up in a poem), but I got enough to write this poem.

Childhood Dreams

Diminutive Donna dreamed of writing
Stories weaved that were exciting
Getting published to boot would be great
And published author became her fate

Little Leanne dreamed of being a novelist
Or perhaps a world-renowned columnist
Now inspiring young minds with famous prose
Means her life is like a beautiful rose

Petite Patty dreamed of being an actress
Or hamming it up in front of school classes
Now preaching and teaching the Word of God
Is a calling we all can certainly laud

Then there is me who wanted to be
A dance choreographer fit and carefree
But since words and reasoning are my expertise
A career in law and publishing I did seize

I am a Jesus Freak, and I don't care who knows it. I am a wife, mother, sister, aunt, daughter, and friend. My blood family is only part of the larger family of Christ that I belong to. I love to write, especially about my dear Savior.


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  1. The greatest lesson i learn in life.. at least at this point.. is.. it’s never too late to dance.. even in a wheel chair with hands or eyes swaying side to side..:)

    Everything moves.. and makes vibration of song.. from the atoms in a grain of sand.. to feat of dance and yes.. discerning law and publishing too.. in hands of type or authorized signature of law upheld..:)

    But to be honest.. I’d rather dance than be in my mind.. smiles..:)

    At least some of the time..;)

  2. “Now preaching and teaching the Word of God
    Is a calling we all can certainly laud.”

    I certainly can’t, nor do a lot of us. We can’t assume we are all the same.

    On my blog, you criticized me of disdaining the divine but I replied:
    If there were a being which were all-loving, all-caring — call it “the divine” or anything else, I am sure I would not disdain it. I instead disdain fantasies which are crippling. My poem criticizes those — in two forms.”

    • I am sorry you have not experienced the love of God that I know each and every day, that I find in His Word. I do not assume we are all the same — I am well aware we are not. But the people I wrote this for — Donna, Leanne, and Patty, would all agree. Peace, Linda

  3. I like the approach you took to write this poem! And it was interesting to see that many came close to doing what they aspired to do in childhood. And as for Patty, well being a preacher also involves using the skills of ‘actress,’ I think. Holding the attention of an audience is an important thing. A preacher who cannot hold his/her audience’s attention can’t as easily get the message across. Smiles. Cool also to learn your professions, Linda.

  4. Law and dance choreography seem so different…very interesting that they are both your interests….do you ever regret following the ‘reasoning’ side rather than the ‘carefree’ side?

  5. Happiness & vocation are not always kissing cousins, so for many of us, we shifted gears, vocations, friends, hobbies, & even marriages until we found a good fit.

  6. Very interesting to see where you sisters (?) wanted to be and where they are now. Sometimes we end up where our hearts lead us, sometimes where reason does. Info hope you like what you do, Linda. Thank you for writing to the prompt!

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