I believe you and I want to listen to your story.

Is your #MeToo story a well-kept secret?
Do you feel ashamed and fearful because of what happened to you?

About me

Hi, I'm Linda. For a long time my #MeToo story haunted me. I believed the lies that I was worthless, that it was my fault, and that no one wanted to hear my story. When I began to share my ordeal through poetry and with a select few people, I began to see the truth. I understand how scary it is to share your story, but I believe you, and I am here to listen. I know that bringing your story into the light will help you heal just as it has me.

Thanks for being my first step, the first of many steps to come! ~ Kelly
This poetry journal is extraordinary. ~ Robin

My Guided Poetry Journal will help you:

  • Connect with God through poetry, like the psalmists, even if you've never written a poem
  • Harness the power of your story to set you free from shame and fear that haunt you now
  • Find power, hope, and healing by telling your story in your own words
  • Dispell the lies that are holding you back

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