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Flustered Feline

He’d roar if he could I know it But chattering Is the best he can muster You can tell he’s flustered Because that dark-eyed Junco And the American Finches Are out of his reach He doesn’t know That even so … Continue reading

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February Snow

Tiny cat paws slink with trepidation across unexpected February snow evidence of a miniature panther unsure of this strange crunchy white substance chilling his itty-bitty kitty feet

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The One-Eyed Wonder

I tell my dog to stay so he promptly sits He just wants to play It’s a battle of wits A quick game of fetch fits with the cat’s added comedy when he jumps and flits It seemed like quite the … Continue reading

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Lazy Alucard

There’s a black cat on my lap He’s handsome and crazy Oh so lazy He’d love to go out in the yard Alucard But he’s too stupid, you see He’ll get stuck high in a tree On my lap, O … Continue reading

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We Should Have Named Him Trouble – A Character Poem

The MeetingTheBar prompt over at dVerse Poets Pub today was to write a character sketch, or include a character sketch, in a poem. Because our new kitten is at the vet today getting neutered he is on my mind, so … Continue reading

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