Paint Chip Poetry Prompt #28

Week #28 is here and it’s back to the usual format for our paint chip prompt. When I pulled the cards for today I had to chuckle at the theme because it means two weeks in a row we have gratitude in the mix. Maybe that’s a good thing because in these trying times gratitude might just be the thing to keep us sane and get us through.

The Challenge

The theme for today is I am grateful and I’m challenging you to use all seven of these paint chips words and phrases: blazing sun, blue ribbon, fossil, red clay, grassland, deep dark wood, and driftwood. Bonus points if you can write your poem in rhyming couplets.

My Poem

I decided to go the rhyming couplet route myself for this fictional account that I would gladly live out in real life. I’ve actually been longing for a trip to the beach for several weeks now. Maybe it will happen before the summer is over.

The Gift of Gratitude

I stroll along the ocean shore
blazing sun forevermore

makes me smile and gaze afar
o'er the waves this greatest star

offers warmth from up on high
a promise from the cerulean sky

I trip on driftwood at my feet
once deep dark wood until the heat

baked it like a red clay pot
in a kiln scorching hot

I pick it up with grand plans
to fashion with my own hands

a work of art from beauty within
that rises to a blue ribbon win

As I leave the tranquil shore
journey through grasslands of yore

there's time to come another day
I drop the wood as if to say

I'm grateful for this quiet time
spent upon the shore sublime

and if this wood should fossilize
in sands of time where it lies

I'll remember the perfect reason
for gratitude no matter the season 

Your Turn

Okay, now it’s your turn. Spin me a tale or tell me the truth about your enduring gratitude. Use all seven paint chip words and I’ll be grateful as hummingbirds. Share your poem in the comments below, or on your blog with a comment link instead.

Thanks for playing along!

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