It Was Never the Same

At dVerse Poets Pub today Gabriella is asking for poems about the first day of school. I was going to write about one of my son’s first days of school, though we are now really out of the “first day of school” mode as he’d attending art school year around. But since I’m feeling a little melancholy today with some challenging posts to write swirling in my head, I decided to write about a pivotal first day of school for me. I tried to write in the Trimeric form that I learned about at Mary’s blog.

It Was Never the Same

New state, new town, new school, in the 8th grade
I’d been perfectly contented in the old school
Welcomed by the girls in the back of the room
Life was never the same after that first day

I’d been perfectly contented in the old school
It’s where my best friends, my church friends went
And we had our whole wonderful, joyful lives ahead of us

Welcomed by the girls in the back of the room
They became best friends, but not church friends
More like party friends, what-trouble-can-we-find friends

Life was never the same after that first day
It might have looked like a wonderful life on the outside
But it was a long time before I found wonder and joy again

About Linda Kruschke

I am a Jesus Freak, and I don't care who knows it. I am a wife, mother, sister, aunt, daughter, and friend. My blood family is only part of the larger family of Christ that I belong to. I love to write, especially about my dear Savior.
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26 Responses to It Was Never the Same

  1. im.Perfectly~Leah says:

    I totally get this! You’ve done a good job at describing newness of school and wanting the old.

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  2. Abhra says:

    ” what-trouble-can-we-find friends” – they are the best kind.

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  3. Joy
    moving connecting
    creating flowing waves
    ocean never ending..
    so below.. a spark..
    a light.. libido
    wheels of
    i LOVE


  4. My first day at school was at another school than the one all my friends went to.. really recognize those agonizing moments.. but later I loved to have found my own way.

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  5. Sumana Roy says:

    association of friends is important…it’s a difficult phase for one who has to change schools…

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  6. wolfsrosebud says:

    every parent needs to read this…

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  7. MarinaSofia says:

    Excellent use of the trimeric form – and expressing something that I fear so much as a mother. Have already seen some of my older son’s friends succumb to the pressure of ‘being thought cool’. (I wasn’t all too bothered about the party crowd myself in school, had my own little group of friends.)
    Particularly liked the line ‘the what-trouble-can-we-find friends’ – says so much.

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  8. lynn__ says:

    Your form is fabulous…even though party scene was not as positive. Good to look back and put everything in perspective.

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  9. kanzensakura says:

    I remember the party kids – two types: popular party kids and crazy party kids. I never belonged to either being a loner. But I know sometimes during the year, a desk would get empty – pregnant – or, killed in a car wreck or some other stupid accident because of being high/drunk. I wasn’t a good kid, just a loner.

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  10. Mary says:

    Ah, peer group is so important. And, yes, sometimes what looks wonderful on the outside is rotten on the inside; and it isn’t until much later that one realizes it. Glad you did! And I am delighted that you used the Trimeric form. I LOVE the form really. (Ha, I will be using it for a prompt at some future time at dVerse.)

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  11. So hard to change schools at that age. And the new friends sound not ideal. Glad you finally made your way back to joy again. School years are so hard.

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  12. Grace says:

    It is difficult when one is transferring to another school, specially leaving best friends behind ~ I specially like this part:

    They became best friends, but not church friends
    More like party friends, what-trouble-can-we-find friends

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  13. Such a good example of the influence of friends, Linda. And maybe memories of those old friends guided you throughout.

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  14. X says:

    It can be a whole lot of fun in the moment to hang with that crowd, but yeah – it is a whole lot less filling the further along you go. WHole we choose to align ourselves with is one of those predictors of where our life is heading.

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  15. Gabriella says:

    Ouch! As a teacher I must admit that I have sometimes witnessed nice kids associate with the wrong kind of people. I never know what to do on those occasions.

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