Dairy Free for Recipe Friday

I spent most of the month January feeling awful, going to the doctor and having tests done, and getting one negative test result after another. Each doctor visit would add to the list of what wasn’t wrong with me. I had no appetite, and whenever I did eat I felt worse. I ate a lot of Greek yogurt because it’s supposed to be good for you and easy on your stomach.

Then last week my primary doctor suggested I try cutting wheat and dairy out of my diet. I had already been avoiding wheat for a week at that point with no change, so I decided I might as well cut out dairy, too.

Within four days I was feeling amazingly better, and each new day seems to bring more improvement. Symptoms I had experienced even before January have also gone away. I am so happy!

The sad part is that every day I remember another favorite dish that I won’t be able to eat if I remain dairy free. Of the 59 recipes on my Recipe Index, 27 include some sort of dairy ingredient, either milk, cheese, or butter. A few others include bread that has milk in it. And I don’t even have a recipe for my favorite dessert – cheesecake – posted here.

But that’s okay, because if it makes me feel better I can avoid dairy. I’ve decided, though, to try to share dairy free recipes for Recipe Friday from here on out. I don’t have a recipe this week, but starting next week I’ll start sharing some new ones – all dairy free.

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  1. Hi Linda, glad you’re feeling better. When I fell ill favourite foods were some of the first to go dairy, wheat etc. but I have been able to refine the list over time. I an about to go on a cleanse for 8/12 weeks that you may find much benefit in, it’s called the Passover cleanse, I will put it up on my blog prob. today or tomorrow. This really helps cleanse you inside and out.

    Many blessings

  2. Oh Linda! I’m so thankful that something is helping. Thank you Jesus! Praying also for you to be able to adjust to not having dairy and wheat, that He gives you boatloads of grace to do this. And lots of good new recipes to try. A little teary here, but oh so thankful!
    love and prayers and blessings!

  3. I have dealt with Chronic Fatigue for over twenty years. Found out three years ago I have an imbalanced immune system-(border line lupus) A few days ago, my husband and I have decided to go dairy and gluten free. I understand it will help me feel better.
    I will pray for you!

    • April, I will pray for you, too. I can tell you that just a week dairy free has made a huge difference in how I feel. I have more energy, less pain. 🙂 Peace, Linda

  4. That is wonderful to have found a way to relieve your symptoms!
    I am amazed at how many people are turning up sensitive/allergic to either dairy or wheat, and it is equally amazing to me how quickly the healing begins when the culprit has been eliminated. Truly, the human body is a wonderful creation!

    • Heather, Yes, the human body is a wonder. Sometimes I wish it came with an instruction manual for situations like this, but am just glad my doctor finally had the wisdom to suggest going dairy free. 🙂 Peace, Linda

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