S’mOreos for Recipe Fridays

I know what you’re thinking — I spelled it wrong. It’s supposed to be s’mores. But trust me, I spelled it right.

I had my Recipe Friday recipe all planned. I had asked my son to make his awesome Lemon Coconut Cake for a potluck we are going to on Friday, and I was going to post that recipe. I’m not a big fan of cake, but this one is awesome. However, it is not an original recipe. It comes from my son’s Baking Essentials cookbook.

Then my son came up with this original recipe, and it is perfect for the 4th of July weekend when people will be out camping and sitting around a campfire. So I decided to share this simple but yummy recipe.



Oreo cookies


Start a campfire. Keep it going until you have really good hot coals. Toast the marshmallows over the hot coals until toasty brown on the outside and gooey on the inside. Many people make the mistake of trying to toast marshmallows over the flame of a campfire, but that just results in flaming marshmallows that turn black. A good toasted marshmallow takes patience, as you slowly turn the marshmallow over the hot coals. As it begins to smoke on one side, you need to turn it quickly and begin toasting the other side.


Once you have a toasted marshmallow, separate the two halves of an Oreo cookie. Put the toasted marshmallow in between the cookie halves and you have a s’mOreo! Enjoy!

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  1. Oh I love it! And I love the campfire advice in order not to have flaming marshmallows! 🙂 You know, this takes less ingredients than regular smores . . .so yaay! God bless you and yours this weekend and up coming week!

  2. Before camp fires were banned by authorities the children and teens at our camps loved toasted marshmallows. We didn’t have Oreos but we used either halved cream biscuits or two savoury round crackers. The combination of sweet and sour was more popular.

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