Easy Barbeque Chicken Strips for Recipe Friday

I love chicken strips. And I love barbeque. But right now my Traeger pellet stove (which I use for barbequing usually) is not working.

During my Sunday shopping trip I bought a large package of chicken strips that needed to get used, and I wanted to do something different from my Baked Chicken Strips. So I decided to try a new easy chicken strip recipe and it turned out pretty good.

I was going to make this with Grandma Chonga’s Salsa-Que, which is a local product that I get at our local farmer’s market, but I was all out. So I used another barbeque sauce for this recipe.

Easy Barbeque Chicken Strips


2 lbs chicken strips
½ cup barbeque sauce
Salt and pepper


Broiling Chicken Strips

Place chicken strips in a large bowl, rinse, and drain. Pour in barbeque sauce and stir to coat all chicken strips. Sprinkle with a several dashes of salt and pepper and stir. Arrange chicken strips on a broiler pan. (Tip: add water to the broiler pan for easier clean up). Place the broiler pan about 8 inches below the broiler element. Turn broiler on low and cook chicken strips for 10 minutes. Increase broiler temperature to high and continue cooking for another 10 minutes or so. Turn strips and continue to broil for another 10 minutes or until strips are cooked through. Serve with barbeque sauce or ranch dressing for dipping.

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  1. Thank you, Linda! I love chicken too and right now, I’m just oven baking some for Aubrey. She doesn’t like bbq sauce , but I can make some for me! 🙂 God bless you and help you with that Traeger!

    • Deb, I think tomorrow I’m going to get another bottle of Salsa-Que at the Farmers’ Market. It’s hot and spicey! My hubby is off work today and tomorrow, so maybe he can get that Traeger fixed. Peace, Linda

    • Yes, and it’s been a beautiful sunny day here today! I even ate lunch outside (leftover chicken strips and some raw veggies). I really need to get my Traeger fixed, though, so I can share some of my Traeger recipes with pictures, and to get me out of the kitchen for a change. 🙂 Have a blessed weekend! Peace, Linda

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