The Best Concert that Almost Was

One thing I’ve learned about this life is that it can be full of alternating excitement and disappointment. The disappointment can be extremely difficult sometimes or it can just be on the level of annoying. This week I experienced just such a roller coaster ride of disappointment then excitement then more disappointment regarding the best concert that almost was, but ultimately wasn’t.

At the beginning of the week, my Facebook account reminded me that I had an upcoming event — the Revive concert in Tacoma that I had marked as “Maybe Attending.” But it was on a Thursday and was a 2 ½ hour drive away. On Wednesday I was feeling disappointed that I couldn’t go. I even wrote a blog post about it and posted a link to it on Revive’s Facebook page.

When I got home from work and was making dinner,  mentioned to my husband how disappointed I was that I couldn’t go, because I knew it would be a great concert. He said, “I’ll take you. I have the day off. It’s only an 2 ½ hour drive.” I was suddenly quite excited and immediately went to my computer to buy tickets. To top it off, the tickets were only $10 each! Imagine that — only $10 to see Revive plus two other bands. I printed my tickets and hung them on the refrigerator so I wouldn’t forget them the next day. Then I changed my Facebook event to “Attending” and posted a comment on Revive’s page saying that I was going to get to go after all (which Revive later “liked” causing me to smile).

I got up Thursday morning with a smile on my face, thinking about how wonderful the concert would be, and about the things I had to do before hand. During my lunch at work, I Google mapped the location and printed directions and a map. I looked up information on the venue, which was Urban Grace Church in Tacoma, and discovered that the auditorium there only holds 850 people. That meant it would be a nice intimate concert. I do like concerts at places like the Memorial Coliseum where there are thousands of people, but concerts in small venues are so much better.

Then at about 1:45 my excitement crashed into disappointment. I checked Revive’s Facebook page to see if they had posted any new comments to fans on their drive over the pass only to find this posted by the band:

Dear friends! We’re sorry to say that our show in Tacomo, WA this evening has been CANCELLED due to circumstances out of our control. We’re so sorry and hope to see you guys again some other time!

So much for leaving work early and having a wonderful evening worshipping the Lord with this awesome band. I commented on this post about how disappointing it was. I was feeling quite down when I went home from work. It ended up being an uneventful evening at home as usual. Bratwurst, hash browns and baked beans for dinner, and some TV, then reading my Wordstrong Bible passage before bed.

Friday morning I woke up, still feeling disappointed, but decided to focus on the positive instead. I decided to remember the blessing of having a wonderful husband who was willing to drive a 5 hour round trip so I could go to this concert, even though he had to get up and go to work on Friday morning. I decided to remember that there will be another opportunity to see this great Christian band. I decided to remember that even though they couldn’t get to this venue, the band members are all okay and the reason was not something that was catastrophic. But most importantly, I decided to remember that no matter what comes my way in this life, Jesus loves me and always will.

Then on Friday evening I checked my Facebook account, and found that Revive had posted this nice reply to my comment on their cancellation notice:

Revive ‎@Linda … we’re disappointed as well.. we’re not sure why people like this but maybe because we tried to update as quickly as possible and I assure you… after reading your blog the night before we had every intention of trying to get the word out especially for the people like you who we knew would be driving all the way in to see the show… we’re equally bummed. Sorry friend. and @Bob… hmmm yeah, our bad… definitely meant Tacoma lol.. cheers everyone

Not only are they great musicians who glorify God with their music, they are nice guys who care about their fans who they consider friends and glorify God in this was as well. I was so touched that they had actually read my blog, but was more touched that they were concerned about making sure their fans received a timely notice of the cancellation. I had also received an email and a voicemail from the ticket company, but I didn’t get those until I got home. The extra step the band took by posting on Facebook made it possible for me to know earlier.

There is a great song on their first album released in the U.S., called “Can’t Change Yesterday.” It is a reminder that we can’t change the past or control the future. There will always be disappointments and pain in life. But if we remember that God is all we know, all we want to know, we can get through today and weather any disappointments that may come our way. I found this great acoustic version of the song that the band played as part of a radio station interview.

And here’s the studio version of the same song, with drums and electric guitar.

I think the remaining disappointment is knowing that, as great a band as Revive is, the next time they come to the Pacific Northwest it very well might be in a large venue. This may have been my last chance to see them in an intimate setting like Urban Grace Church. But maybe not. Time will tell. “Tomorrow is still a mystery that I can’t see,” but no matter what happens God will hold me (and Revive) in the palm of His hand each day. And I will be looking for Revive’s next show near me and will go if I can. If you hear they are playing near you, I highly recommend attending and worshipping the Lord with them if you can.

I am a Jesus Freak, and I don't care who knows it. I am a wife, mother, sister, aunt, daughter, and friend. My blood family is only part of the larger family of Christ that I belong to. I love to write, especially about my dear Savior.


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  1. And they have that song Can’t Change Yesterday — especially for your post! 😉
    I forgot to mentioned in my previous comments that I love your banner — the real stick too 🙂

  2. Thanks Linda, for helping us look at the up side of disappointments. We never know what tomorrow will bring, but being with Him is the best part of every day. 🙂
    God bless you and bring you smiles today! Love the Revive song!

    • Deb, I think if we don’t look at the upside of disappointments this world can too easily bring us down. Jesus is with us today, and the one thing we do know about tomorrow is that He will be the same and will be with us still! There is no greater upside than that. Peace, Linda

  3. Thanks for sharing, Linda

    I’m sorry you didn’t get to go but I thank you for sharing such a ‘personable’ face to this band. If it counts for anything, I know of them because of your earlier writings and I do thank you for sharing.

    I really pray that you will get to see them soon in the setting you desire. I pray above all that your time of worship will be a wonderful time in His presence.

    Thanks again for letting us share this experience you.


    • Ann, Thank you for your prayers. Music is so important to me, and I love sharing the bands I have found who glorify God. This band is definitely one of those! Peace, Linda

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