Appreciation x 3 – A Poem

Yesterday at work I received my invitation to our annual Employee Appreciation Luncheon. It’s a wonderful event at which employees who have reached various milestones receive awards and the entire staff of the organization is treated to a delicious lunch with games and lots of visiting. Appreciation is a great synonym of thankful, and so I decided it would be the subject of this week’s Thankful Thursday acrostic poem.

This is kind of a silly poem, and each of the four stanzas is a bit different. The first stanza is about my appreciation for my faith and all that it entails. The second stanza is about some foods, flowers, places, and other things I appreciate. The third stanza lists people in the Bible who contributed to the story of God’s relationship with His creation. The last stanza departs from the acrostic style and sums up my thoughts on having an appreciation for all the blessings in my life.


Abba, Father, the source of all good
Prayers of family and friends
Prayers of our Lord in heaven
Ransom paid for you and for me
Eternity with loved ones
Christ on His throne and in my heart
Incarnate Deity, Word made flesh
Atonement for the sins of all
Trinity – Father, Son, Holy Ghost
Indwelling Holy Spirit to comfort
Only Son of God, our Lord
o condemnation for those in Christ

Almonds, artichokes, and apple crisp
ears, pineapple, and parfait
eople, pets, and popcorn
oses, rosemary, and rhododendron
ggs, egg salad, and egg noodles
arrots, cauliflower,  and candy
Iris, Impatiens, and ice cream cones
rizona, Alaska, and the Atlantic Ocean
raveling, the Tetons, and trails to hike
nteresting ideas and inventions
atmeal, oranges, and onions for cooking
ature, nachos, and notes from a friend

Abel, Abraham, and Amos 
otiphar, Priscilla, and Phoebe
eter, Philip, and Paul
achel, Rahab, and Reuben
lijah, Elisha, and Elizabeth
aleb, Cleopas, and Cornelius
saiah, Isaac, and Israel
ndrew, Anna, and Ananias
homas, Titus, and Timothy
ur Righteousness
ame above all names

Appreciation, Appreciation, Appreciation
For things seen and unseen
An attitude of appreciation
For people, places, and things
Appreciation for life
Is like a song we can sing
Appreciation for salvation
A gift from the King

What do you appreciate today? I’d love to hear about it in the comments. In fact, I would really appreciate it. 🙂

I am a Jesus Freak, and I don't care who knows it. I am a wife, mother, sister, aunt, daughter, and friend. My blood family is only part of the larger family of Christ that I belong to. I love to write, especially about my dear Savior.


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  1. Wow your appreciation is overloaded! Truly there is so many things worthy of appreciation and here’s one.

    Awesome blog friends!
    People from different places with
    Pleasing thoughts
    Respecting differences
    Exchanging ideas
    Coming together
    Inspiring each other.
    As time passes by
    Touched lives are multiplied.
    It all started with posted words
    Offered to the world
    Now the heart is involved.

    • Rea, I appreciate you adding your own acrostic poem! It is very good and is in the style of the one I’ve already written for next Thursday. You are an awesome blog friend! 🙂 Peace, Linda

  2. Oh I loved this! You did so good, came up with so much, with only those letters! yay Linda! Here’s a not so great one, back for you!

    Praying and
    Encouraging in
    Eternal throne.

    oops . . .just realized the word was appreciation not appreciate. haha! maybe you’ll let me slide? I’d appreciate that! 😉 God bless you and your grateful heart for Christ! love, deb

    • Deb, I love your poem, even if it was a slightly different word. I’ll do more than let you slide – I’ll say THANKS for this addition to Thankful Thursday! I love that you ended with the Eternal throne. 🙂 I actually started this post using Appreciative, but decided “v” was going to be too hard. Now that I think about it, though, Victory in Christ is something I appreciate! Peace, Linda

  3. Hi Linda,
    I appreciate your post and how beautifully you have sewn in your appreciation for God and his kingdom through prose. Like you, I am appreciative of all things that come from our father in heaven and my list is endless. This is a beautiful way to ‘count our blessings by naming them one-by-one’ and I certainly am surprised to see what God has done 🙂
    In Him,

    • Vineet, The hardest part about writing this post was that there are things I am thankful for, that I truly appreciate, but that don’t start with any of the letters in the word “appreciate.” I guess I’ll have to hold onto them for another Thankful Thursday when I use a synonym of Thankful that has different letters! 🙂 It is amazing how just the act of thinking and writing about what I appreciate can make me feel better. Peace, Linda

    • April, Encouragement from fellow bloggers is definitely something to appreciate! These relationships have been such a blessing to me and I am so glad I met you! 🙂 Peace, Linda

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