Sharing the Love that Found Us

One of my favorite Christian bands is relatively new on the Christian music scene in America, but was playing for Christ for four years in Australia before moving to Atlanta, Georgia in 2008. I first heard them when they opened for Third Day after releasing their Chorus of the Saints CD. They released their second CD, titled Blink, in the U.S. in 2010. One of my favorite songs on that CD is “Love Found Me.”

It is such a wonderful feeling when you find love and are found by the Love of Christ! It really does make you complete.

When you find Love and Love finds you, that Divine Love begins to change you from deep within your heart. Selfishness and pride begin to be rooted out. Humility and concern for others begin to grow.

Revive, as a band, exhibits the changed heart of the believer with their music. But even more, they exhibit that love for others that comes from faith in Christ in how they relate to their fans.

I recently had the opportunity to share in their love for their fans by helping with a video they created specially for their 20,000th Facebook friend. They did a similar video for their 10,000th Facebook friend, but this time they asked other fans (friends) to help. Those who wanted to help were asked to submit a short video of themselves singing the chorus to the song Revive wrote for the 20,000th friend.

It sounded so easy when I sent of the email saying I would participate. But when it came right down to creating the video clip in the .mov format Revive requested I discovered just how technologically challenged I am. My son helped me create the raw video that included several takes with our video camera. But when we tried to cut just the part I wanted to send – the one good take – and convert it to .mov we couldn’t get the file small enough. The initial try was a whopping 166 Mb, way too big to email.

My husband stepped in to help and was able to reduce the resolution on the video and get it down to 42 Mb. My email provider said I could email attachments up to 98 Mb, so I figured we were home free. Not so! The email would not send and I kept getting an error message saying the email was too big.

I was about to give up, but I had said I would participate and I didn’t want to let Revive or the 20,000th friend down. Once again, with my husband’s help, we were able to reduce the file size to 21 Mb and I was able to email it.

Here’s the final video product. You can see my little piece of the project in the top righthand corner towards the end of the video.

Sometimes sharing the love we have found and that has found us comes with obstacles and challenges. In this case, it was technology challenges. But any number of challenges can present themselves as the devil tries to discourage us from sharing the love of Christ. This experience reminded me again that it is important to persevere because there is nothing more important that helping someone else be able to say, “I found love and love found me.”

I am a Jesus Freak, and I don't care who knows it. I am a wife, mother, sister, aunt, daughter, and friend. My blood family is only part of the larger family of Christ that I belong to. I love to write, especially about my dear Savior.


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  1. What an amazing post and demonstration of love! I’m blown away at how this all progressed and how He used it to show about love, that it isn’t always easy. It takes perseverance and work too! Love how your hubby helped you . . .and you didn’t give up!
    And that love changes us . . .oh yes it does. I remember being fearful of people a lot before Christ .. .of what they thought about me. But with Jesus love in me, I can just love people, no matter what they think and whether or not they can return it.
    love you!! 🙂 God bless you and all the love He lets flow out of you!

    • Deb, I used to be fearful and worried about what others thought, too! But now I know Jesus loves me no matter what, and that He wants me to love others. And so I do! Peace, Linda

  2. wow! the video is cool, Revive is cool, and you are cool too Linda! I can actually see God smiling — cool!

    Thank you for sharing. Praying for total revival of my heart 🙂

  3. Thanks for sharing, Linda 🙂

    “When you find Love and Love finds you, that Divine Love begins to change you from deep within your heart. Selfishness and pride begin to be rooted out. Humility and concern for others begin to grow.”
    This is a great truth! I love the fact that He brought about change in me. I would rather not think what I might have become without Him.

    You’re quite a brave lady!
    I’ve been singing for many, many years yet I was as nervous as jello when I had to do a solo piece. Kudos, Linda. You did well!


    P.S. Thanks for the rest of the post too. I only know Revive because of you. I think it’s fitting that you would have opted to be a part of this celebration.

    • Ann, My courage comes from the Lord, for sure! It also helped that I knew they wouldn’t use any of my audio because I do not have a very good singing voice. I’m happy to share Revive and their music with others – they are such a wonderful witness for Christ. Their story of how they came to America – which is posted on their Facebook page – is truly an amazing story of faith and complete trust in God. They don’t just sing about faith, they live it each and every day. Peace, Linda

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