Trolling for Jesus

The congregation trolled the hymn
Just two lines repeated o’er and o’er

Jesus, remember me
When You come into Your kingdom

Voices loud, ringing out
As the thief upon the cross
Until the final round was done

Was that the whole song? hubby asks


It’s Quadrille Monday over at dVerse Poets Pub, and Frank is calling for 44-word poems including the word troll. I went with a definition I didn’t know before—to sing in the manner of a round or catch—to share something that happened in church a couple of weeks ago.

About Linda Kruschke

I am a Jesus Freak, and I don't care who knows it. I am a wife, mother, sister, aunt, daughter, and friend. My blood family is only part of the larger family of Christ that I belong to. I love to write, especially about my dear Savior.
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15 Responses to Trolling for Jesus

  1. lynn__ says:

    I learned a new definition of trolling…thanks, Linda. Would like to hear a recording of the song!

  2. I had never heard that definition… but sometimes lyrics can be very repetitive

  3. I never heard the song. I’m with your hubby…is that all there is?? :-):-):-)

  4. Gina says:

    repetition emphasises a point and yes very meditative

  5. Frank Hubeny says:

    I can see how repeating a phrase in a song over and over again can be powerful. The repetition keeps the thought in one’s mind.

  6. sanaarizvi says:

    I miss the hymns of earlier days too.. sigh ….

  7. Beverly Crawford says:

    I’m with hubby. Some modern hymns seem to be just one phrase repeated over and over and over ad infinitum. I long for the hymn of old!

  8. rothpoetry says:

    This one made me smile! The trolling on an on of lines does not appeal to me either! Perhaps we could teach the trollers some poetry!

  9. I just discovered that song 2 weeks ago. 🙂

  10. msjadeli says:

    It is all.

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