I See God

I’m going to pretend that this rain
in the lane
Heralds the arrival of spring
when birds sing
As through this long winter I trod
I see God
The robin finds worms in rain-soaked sod
More death and winter the nightly news portends
Yet new life and spring my dear Christ forfends
In the lane when birds sing I see God


Just had to write a second Ovillejo for dVerse Poets Pub.

I am a Jesus Freak, and I don't care who knows it. I am a wife, mother, sister, aunt, daughter, and friend. My blood family is only part of the larger family of Christ that I belong to. I love to write, especially about my dear Savior.


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  1. SMilEs.. my friend..
    i did not speak
    until age four..
    how fortuNate
    am i to
    to God
    at age 3..
    and sTill
    above.. so
    below.. all around
    me now.. alWays
    God alwaYs NOW..:)

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