My Thoughts on the Seasons

Over at dVerse Poets Pub Meeting the Bar, Bjorn is calling for poetry that uses modifiers—adjectives and adverbs. I’ve been seeing a lot of posts on Facebook lately by people who love fall and can’t wait for it to come. Personally, I could skip fall and winter altogether. I’ve even joked before that I need to live in Australia for six months of the year, the six when it is spring and summer there, then I’d never have to see another fall or winter. So here is my well-modified poem on the subject.

My Thoughts on the Seasons

Some tout the incredible beauty of fall
Striking oranges and vibrant reds
But I don’t want to hear it at all
I’d rather it stay summer instead

I know fall is pretty when the leaves turn
And pears and apples are ripe on the tree
I know we could use rain as arid lands burn
But frigid winter follows fall, don’t you see

And I truly hate bitter winter cold
Even here in the mild Pacific Northwest
In my fight against winter I will be quite bold
Ardently proclaiming spring to be best

Why this strong hatred of winter you ask
What’s wrong with changing seasons and snow
It’s not just that in the warm sun I need bask
But dark memories the cold brings that cause woe

If I never saw fall colors again in my life
That would be simply and sweetly divine
Then I could live with peace and not strife
Living where the bright sun always shines

I am a Jesus Freak, and I don't care who knows it. I am a wife, mother, sister, aunt, daughter, and friend. My blood family is only part of the larger family of Christ that I belong to. I love to write, especially about my dear Savior.


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  1. Oh, I definitely enjoy the fall colors, but I think some animals have the right idea when they sleep through winter. Smiles. We have even worse winters here in the Midwest (usually) than in your area. Hate them!! As for your poem, I like it. You did not ‘overdo’ on adjectives and adverbs….and I appreciate that. Nicely penned!

  2. This poem strikes a chord with me. I love the distinct seasons and how they change. After many years in Africa and India and northern Australia where it is monsoonal and two-season, I still opt for proper Autumn, Winter, Spring, Summer any day.

  3. oy – no fun when we have bad memories about something – that can really spoil things forever. maybe you should consider a move to california – i was there in november and the temps were like our ususal summer over here… autumn makes me a bit melancholic as well each year – i love her colors but know she carries the fading under her wings as well.. i love snowboarding though – that helps a bit

  4. Ah Linda! How your love for summer and warmth shines through this. You and I should live in reverse seasons in different hemispheres – you searching for summer and me searching for winter. Good write!

  5. Then I could live with peace and not strife
    Living where the bright sun always shines

    A wish to stay in the tropics would do away from the cold months. But those in hot lands would welcome the snows even if just once!


  6. I grew up in Seattle, now reside on the South Sound after a damn decade in S. CA fighting mud slides, wildfires, flash floods, & earthquakes; couldn’t wait to return to the forested cradle between Cascades & Olympics–but as a kid, & an adult, I detested Winter in the NW; mostly driving in it, commuting to & from work, sliding up & down those thousand hills–but hey, as an actor I spent 4 months, Jan-April in Australia, & the damn flies, onerous unforgiving sun, that gave me the worst sunburn I’ve ever had (leading to a skin cancer on my back 40 years later) were far from pleasant as well.

  7. I don’t mind that the whole year is spring or summer ~ Autumn makes me anxious though I love the fall colors and winter doesn’t sit well with me either ~ Winters in Canada are real long so I know how you feel ~

  8. Ah.. yes.. i do agree when seasons
    become emotions anxiety rises..
    and when we master our
    seasons inside
    can be
    or Winter
    Fall or NOW
    or Summer
    as the spiRit
    has potential
    sunShine eYes
    until one’s
    last grasp for breath..
    yes rare.. but potential..
    THE REAL ‘good news’
    of 2K years ago still NOW..:)

  9. I thought I would love constant sunshine until I lived in Southern California… but 4 months without a cloud in the sky stressed me out.. I need those cold and rainy day to be able to sit inside and read a good book.

    • I was born an raised in southern California until I was 12. I loved it. And it was after we moved that life became more difficult for me and bad things happened in the cold northwest.

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