Paint Chip Poetry Prompt #14

Hello everyone! Hope you are all doing well during this crazy time we are living in. Here we are at paint chip prompt #14 and I’m writing this the day of once again. I’m hoping to get back on track to get these prompts scheduled ahead of time by next week.

The Challenge

Today it is your Good Fortune to be faced with the easiest prompt yet as I am only requiring players to use two of the following words or phrases in your poem: nuts and bolts, in your eyes, sand castle, iron, tickled pink, sweet ‘n’ sour, and sunburst.

My Poem

Here’s my poem for today. It’s kind of silly, which I’m going to blame on the odd choice of words.

A Fortune Cookie Day

A got a fortune cookie
with my lunch the other day
and was tickled pink by its message
like a sunburst behind a cloud

I never called a bookie
the sand castle stakes to play
and blow all my weekly wage
such nonsense isn’t allowed

I feel like I’m playing hooky
not going to the office today
in this odd work-from-home age
like iron being plowed

Your Turn

So what good fortune do you have to share today? Can you work either the word good or fortune into your poem? Post your poem—silly or serious—in the comments. Or post it on your own blog and share the link in the comments.

I am a Jesus Freak, and I don't care who knows it. I am a wife, mother, sister, aunt, daughter, and friend. My blood family is only part of the larger family of Christ that I belong to. I love to write, especially about my dear Savior.


15 Responses

  1. Thought I would give this a try; Thanks for the inspiration,

    A long time ago; Easter morning, imagine the First
    How bright IN YOUR EYES was that joyful SUNBURST
    Jesus Christ rising from what many believed dead
    Guards dropped their weapons of IRON and fled
    That giant stone melted as if a SANDCASTLE
    The Divine Power of God winning the battle!

  2. Interesting challenge. I have strung the words (or most of them) together. I think it should have the title: Unpredictable.

    If nuts and bolts weren’t made of iron
    They could be made of steel.
    It might prevent them showing rust.
    We could eat a tasty meal
    Of sweet ‘n’ sour chicken, rice and peas.
    It would be our good luck
    To spend the morning on our knees
    Building a sand-castle with flags stuck
    On the turrets. We’d be tickled pink
    In our sun-hats and shades.
    ‘Mind the sunburst and sand blowing in your eyes.
    ‘How deep your father wades!’

  3. Giving it another try! :).

    I see a sunburst
    of emotions
    in your eyes

    as we work through
    the nuts and bolts
    of each situation

    iron sharpening iron.

  4. Linda, I never read yours until after I have completed mine, but I’m surprised at the degree of our commonality today.

  5. Fortune Cookies

    Using chopsticks will make you appear wise
    As long as you don’t stick them in your eyes

    When eating the sweet ‘n’ sour pork
    Amateurs would be wise to use a fork

    Projecting a cold frown is beyond the worst
    While your smile is like a pleasant sunburst

    Nuts and bolts are necessary for building machines
    But they won’t do much for your hopes and dreams

    You might have the strength of iron and steel
    But you are not invincible when behind the wheel

    A good friend can take away your pain
    Like a sand castle dissolving in the rain

    I’m tickled pink to deliver your fortune
    Your self-quarantine should end by June

    Don’t make a bet and don’t call your bookie
    I cannot tell your fortune for I am just a cookie

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