Paint Chip Poetry Prompt #3

It’s week #3 of my Paint Chip Poetry Prompt. The last two weeks the words were quite arbitrary and odd. I really do pull them from the paint chip deck randomly, so I never know what we’ll get.

This week, with one exception, I think the prompt and paint chip names lend themselves to a more serious poem, instead of the silliness of the past two weeks. I hope you agree.

The words for this week are rose-colored glasses, sea anemone, bougainvillea, fresh butter, halo, dirt road, and open meadow.

Here’s my poem for the week:

The Good Old Days

I’m not one to view
this crazy world
through rose-colored glasses
But life was good
in that old country house
at the end of a long dirt road
Butterflies fluttered and rabbits
hopped in the open meadow
that stretched out back
Bougainvillea flanked
the kitchen door with
a promise of perfume unfulfilled
Down the road a small
family farm sold fresh butter
and eggs, and sometimes honey
Enough to serve a breakfast of kings

In the evening as the sun set
a halo of light graced
the treetops across the way
It wasn’t exactly paradise
But it was good
. . . while it lasted

Your Turn

Now it’s your turn, but I’m stepping it up a notch. Write your poem with at least five of the seven prompt words. Extra points for anyone who uses sea anemone. Post your poem or a link in the comments.

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  1. That’s such a great idea for a prompt! I love the poem, there’s a wistfulness to it. Even if the details are different, I guess we all have a memory of somewhere where we felt comfortable.

    • Thanks. I couldn’t help buying the Paint Chip Poetry game and I had to do something with it. This seemed like a good use. My goal is to keep up the weekly prompts all year.

  2. This is absolutely lovely! Especially like; “Bougainvillea flanked the kitchen door with a promise of perfume unfulfilled.” 🙂

  3. It was good while it lasted

    This dirt road takes me far from the city
    Left behind is my self-doubt and pity
    Through twist and turn my travels unfold
    With rose-colored glasses the tales are told
    Around the bend that always haunts me
    Is the open meadow that beckons softly
    The sun through the trees creates a halo effect
    Then comes a tug of reality that I must respect
    From my slumber I have now retracted
    But my dream it was good, while it lasted

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