What Shall I Do?

Shall I watch you
drink the Kool-aid
when the nectar’s
free for all

Shall I watch you
peer into the abyss
when I can see
you’ll surely fall

Shall I watch you
pour water in your tank
when I’m certain
it’ll make you stall

Shall I watch you
attempt to escape
when there’s danger
beyond the wall

Or shall I warn you?

About Linda Kruschke

I am a Jesus Freak, and I don't care who knows it. I am a wife, mother, sister, aunt, daughter, and friend. My blood family is only part of the larger family of Christ that I belong to. I love to write, especially about my dear Savior.
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22 Responses to What Shall I Do?

  1. Bryan Ens says:

    It is far too easy to watch another destroy him/herself, rather than taking the time to give a simple warning.

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    • The hard part is when you’ve stepped out and given a warning, but they refuse to listen.


      • Bryan Ens says:

        …but at least you have given the warning. If the watchman sees an army coming and sounds the trumpet, even though the city does not respond, the watchman is not held responsible. But if the watchman does not sound the trumpet, the city will still fall, but the blood of the city will be on his hands (OK, that’s a horrid paraphrase, but I hope you catch what I’m trying to say)

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  2. billgncs says:

    ah…. ever the question am I my brother’s keeper. Free will is such a burden.

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  3. Ah.. the humans and not the
    horses.. can sometimes
    never know the
    water of
    led to that
    water or NoT..
    as they simply
    cannot feel the
    refreshing cool
    of satisfaction
    IN unconditional
    waters of LOVE..
    And a CHANGE OF
    And a ‘religion’ of Unconditional

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  4. Prajakta says:

    This was a moving piece Linda! I am told there is no clear answer here – I get that a lot from my parents.

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  5. A universal question… I’d go with the instinct.
    Whenever I feel like saying something, I trust my intuition and say it, even when I know for sure it’ll be unwelcome, because I can’t help feel that it needs to be said anyway.
    But that’s just me (and at times I did pay for it in some way or other).

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  6. Some mistakes are not terminal, and we can learn from them. On the whole, it makes sense to warn.

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  7. rosross says:

    When our children are grown it is mostly watching…. the easy bit is until about 16 if you are lucky. Earlier if not.

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  8. Mary says:

    Now that is a good question…to watch or to warn. Sigh, I wonder this often with my grandchildren.

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  9. Grace says:

    Intriguing questions ~ I will, if my help is needed or requested ~

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  10. Knowing when to step in or not is always a tough one….I really like the rhythm in your poem.

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  11. hypercryptical says:

    Tis often difficult to know what to do…decisions decisions… (Too) honest opinions, given with the best of intentions and especially to young folk are often resented. I speak my truth softly when the time is right.
    Anna :o]

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  12. Glenn Buttkus says:

    Honesty, candor, advice is too often not warmly received. I only offer it when it is asked for.

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  13. kanzensakura says:

    What can we do, is something I often ask, especially when being led by monstrous Pied Pipers who supply the Kool Aid. Very thought provoking.

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  14. Oh. That “or shall I warn you?” hits you. I wonder. A thought-provoking write.

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  15. Oh I wonder should we care, is there a limit to what we should do? The life is full of borders of responsibilities…

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