My Favorite Cookbook for Recipe Friday

It’s been a really busy week and I haven’t made anything new to post a recipe of. We had Texas Skillet Dinner over the weekend, which I’ve had as leftovers three times. On Monday I made Beef Stew that was leftovers for dinner the next two nights. Then last night I was at a meeting that someone else brought dinner to. All of which is why my regular recipe post was not up at 8:00 a.m. this morning.

As I thought about what to post for today, I thought of my favorite cookbook. I don’t use a cookbook too often because most of the things I make are old standards, some of which may have originated from a cookbook but which I have modified over time.

I have a whole shelf full of cookbooks, but most of them never come off the shelf. Except my favorite – my Better Homes and Gardens New Cookbook. I actually have two. One I’ve had almost as long as I’ve been married (25 years), and the other is a Limited Edition for breast cancer awareness that I got in 2005 at Costco.

My Shelf of Cookbooks

What I like about Better Homes and Gardens is that it has all the great basic recipes anyone would ever want. There aren’t a lot of ultra-fancy recipes, but if you want to make an apple pie, a meatloaf, or chocolate chip cookies, the recipe is in this cookbook. It is also full of tips for making basic sauces, roasting times and temperatures, vegetable cooking times, and much more. If you need to convert measurements, there’s a chart to help you in this cookbook. And every recipe includes nutrition information to help you make balanced meals. My older edition also has a whole chapter title “Special Helps” full of helpful tips. The Limited Edition has a special chapter of recipes that are helpful for preventing breast cancer.

Any edition of Better Homes and Gardens New Cookbook is worth the price. Several are available at But you could probably find one of the great older editions at a thrift store if you looked. Although there is overlap in the basic recipes, I enjoy having two editions because each has a little something extra.

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  1. I think that is my favorite cookbook too, Linda! Mine has pages falling out, some stained from much use, and many of my favorite things have come from there . . .like the apple crumb pie I like to make that everyone always likes. That is why I like it so much. Most of the recipes I’ve tried at least, tasted good too! yay!
    God bless you and watch over you this weekend, bringing you joy and rest in Him.

    • Deb, I have some pages that want to fall out, too! And a few stains. 😉 Thank you for the prayer for my weekend. We are installing our new pastor on Sunday, and I’m sooooooo excited! Peace, Linda

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