Swiss Steak for Recipe Friday

When I was a kid my mom used to make Swiss Steak a lot. I think she used the recipe from the Better Homes and Gardens cookbook, which uses canned tomato soup. This is my own version that uses V8 Juice instead.

This entrée can be served with either rice or mashed potatoes. We had it the other night with white rice. It’s not my son’s favorite dish, but my husband and I love it!

Swiss Steak

Swiss Steak


4 cube steaks
3 tbsp flour
½ tsp salt 
½ tsp pepper
2 tbsp olive oil
1 12 oz can V8 Juice
½ sweet onion
1 red pepper


Cut each cube steak in half. Mix flour, salt, and pepper in a shallow dish. Slice onion and red pepper into rings.

Heat olive oil on medium-high in a large skillet. Place cube steaks in the skillet and brown on the first side. Turn and brown the second side. Reduce heat to medium-low. Pour V8 Juice over steaks. Lift each steak so some of the juice goes under it. Layer onion and red pepper rings on top of the steaks. Cover the skillet and simmer for 10-15 minutes.

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  1. You go, Linda!

    Yesterday while I was in the supermarket I saw a lady with a nice steak. I felt a push to pick one up but I shrugged it off … I could kick myself now 🙂

    I ought to try this recipe soon … I’m thinking I could sub with brown rice although the potatoes are calling me too :-).

    Blessings and thanks again.

    • Ann, It would be delicious with brown rice. We do usually have it with potatoes, but we’d had a lot of potatoes in the few days prior to my making this so I went with rice for a change. Peace, Linda

  2. I love your recipes. Going to ask about this one. Maybe we can wear him down. 🙂 haha! God bless you and your family . . .and your cooking!
    love, deb
    ps. thanks again for such a good poem at Idylls . . .and such a good comment at debs blog. 🙂

      • Surely he will! haha! It’s the steak with V8 part . . .he likes rib eyes, cooked on the grill. . .:) Some days now are a little “breezy” for cooking out, but I figure if my friend in Alaska can do it, surely this midwesterner can too! 🙂

      • Deb, I like a good rib eye on the grill, too! But my Traeger hasn’t been working for months. Everytime rib eyes are on sale at my local grocery store, I get frustrated because once you’ve had them on the Traeger you just can’t eat them any other way! But this recipe keeps me inside when it’s cold and is just so easy. My son complains because he doesn’t like the V8 on it, so this last time I moved two pieces of cube steak to another small pan to finish cooking before I put the V8 in. Then he says, “Oh, I would have eaten Swiss Steak.” Teenagers! Peace, Linda

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