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Well, it’s been a while again since I’ve posted here. However, since my last post, I have posted fourteen articles on my Dreaming of Justice & Mercy column on Patheos. I really should start posting excerpts here with links, whenever I post a column there, so that those of you who read this blog won’t miss out.

This graphic is one I created for the post about diversity linked below.

Here’s a list of seven of those articles, with a short blurb, so that you can check them out if they are of interest to you.

  • Find God’s Light in the Darkness” – Sometimes it can seem impossible to find God’s light in the darkness of depression and suffering. Keeping trauma experiences secret can make it feel like His light is totally nonexistent. Read about how telling my story helped me find God’s light.
  • How You Can Combat Negative Thoughts with Christ’s Help” – Forty-five years after I was first sexually assaulted, and forty-two years after the last of several attacks, you might think I’d be free from negative thoughts. I certainly thought I would be. But even now I must combat negative thoughts with the help of Jesus.
  • How to Find Hope in Jesus and His Promises” – We live in a world filled with sorrow and strife, a world in need of hope. I find the hope I need in Jesus. He can be your hope, too. Read about my new revelation about my favorite Bible verse, John 14:6.
  • Pray for Inner Peace and Overcome Anger” – One of my greatest weaknesses is my temper. I pray for inner peace; I have for years, decades even, asked God to help me be more patient and even tempered when provoked. Read about how God showed me that He is answering my prayer.
  • A Legacy of Forgiveness: Seeking Peace and Healing” – I believe a legacy of forgiveness is what God wants us to leave for our family and friends. It can be a difficult legacy to achieve. I have my own family to attest to that fact.
  • God’s Blessings Are Sometimes People” – In memory of Lonnie Hull DuPont, an editor with Revell, I posted an article with my short nonfiction story about a cat that she published in a compilation titled The Cat in the Christmas Tree.
  • God Loves Diversity in His Creation—We Should, Too” – God loves diversity. He is the Creator of this diverse world. All around us are examples of His beautiful handiwork. We should honor and be grateful for all the plant, animals, and other beautiful humans God has placed in our lives.

Okay, that’s probably enough reading for one day. I’ll share the rest of the links in a later post (which I promise won’t be four months from now).

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