A Darling Children’s Book

Do you have young kids or grandkids on your shopping list for Christmas? If so, I have a wonderful gift idea for you.

This summer, I helped my friend Lee Havens publish her children’s book called Prodigal Pedal. It’s a super cute story about a dog named Pedal who runs away and gets lost in the wilderness of Idaho. She spends a scary night alone and remembers how wonderful her master was, wishing she could be reunited.

Like the prodigal in the parable Jesus told, Pedal sets out to find her master again. This books is beautifully illustrated with drawings by her daughter Katie Havens, which were digitally colored by my son Benton Kruschke. I handled all the editing and layout. It truly was a team effort.

These are few of the illustrations that give you an idea of where the story goes.

As you read this book to your kids or grandkids, they may identify with Pedal and want to know if she makes it home okay. The Good News is that she does! Just as the prodigal son was reunited with his loving father.

This is also a great book for kids to read on their own. The 8″ x 8″ size and large type make it a good fit for little hands.

If you want to buy copies for kids in your life, you can purchase them on Amazon by clicking here: Prodigal Pedal. If you live in the Portland, Oregon area, you can also get copies at a discount directly from the author. Just shoot me an email (Linda@AnotherFearlessYear.net) and I can connect you with her.

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