Paint Chip Poetry Prompt #18

Paint Chip Poetry is 18! Woooohoooo!

Sorry. I get excited about the simplest things these days. I think all this working from home, never eating out, and only seeing people via Zoom meetings is getting to me.

Your Challenge

This week’s prompt is a little different. The theme is true love. I’m pretty sure I know who my cousin Ron is going to write about, but what about the rest of you? Do you have a true love? Maybe it’s your pet, or perhaps it’s someone who doesn’t feel the same way and that true love is unrequited. Or maybe your true love is someone you’ve shared some of our paint chip words with over many years or even decades.

Whatever the case, or wherever the muse of true love leads you, I want you to write a poem in couplets (preferably rhyming) containing at least four of these words or phrases: wild mushroom, hot potato, after the fire, sunflower, grapefruit, mistletoe, and inchworm.

My Poem

Ode to My Love

He’d never give me wild mushrooms
Knows I prefer sweet lilac blooms

We’ve never kissed under mistletoe
Yet his love ever makes my heart glow

We eat hot potatoes with ribeye steak
Sitting on the deck of our house by the lake

After the fire in the hearth dies out
He’ll keep me warm I have no doubt

Bright as a sunflower our love grows
When it will end only Heaven knows

Your Turn

Now it’s your turn. Write your poem of true love. Then post it in the comments, or post it on your blog and link to it in the comments. I also encourage you to read what others have posted and comment if you like what you read.

I am a Jesus Freak, and I don't care who knows it. I am a wife, mother, sister, aunt, daughter, and friend. My blood family is only part of the larger family of Christ that I belong to. I love to write, especially about my dear Savior.


7 Responses

  1. True Love Q & A

    How does one find true love, what is the clue?
    You don’t go and look for true love, it finds you
    It’s likely not from a kiss under the mistletoe
    Cupid’s arrow will somehow find you though

    How does one recognize when true love arrives?
    Something that lasts, something that thrives?
    Your heart will follow them in everyway
    Like a sunflower tracking the sun all day

    Is true love uncontrollably wild or is it quiet and tame?
    Will it provide me with solitude or drive me insane?
    Some days will be as frantic as a hot potato game
    Other days by comparison will seem rather lame

    Will true love forever be on a trajectory to the sky?
    Will the fire always burn hot and flames shoot high?
    You’ll find the relationship progresses and retreats often
    Advancing like the inchworm who arches and straightens

    How does one keep true love from entering a slumber?
    The longevity of a fire is proportional to its embers
    When the flaming fire burns out, the embers still remain
    Providing foundation, the embers of true love are the same

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