Paint Chip Poetry Prompt #9

Are we still here? Yes! Yes we are. We made it to #9 and I have a couple of regular players. Will you join them? Paint Chip Poetry is a blast! I promise I really do pick these words at random. At some point in the year I’m going to have to shuffle the deck and we’ll get some repeats, but that won’t be for awhile. It’s a pretty big deck.

Today the poetry prompt is six degrees of separation. I’m kind of surprised Kevin Bacon didn’t come up as one of the paint chip words, but then what color would Kevin Bacon even be? Anyway, the words or phrases to include in your poem are the red planet, orange you glad, strawberry, tornado, ice, olive branch, and in the dark. For this prompt, I’m going to require you to use in the dark and at least two other words or phrases. 

Here’s my poem:

In the Dark

Many new moons
in the dark I mourned
lost and abandoned
yearning for a bridge 
over the six-fold separation 
between me and my God
betwixt me and wholeness
and healing and joy and comfort

A tornado of sorrow
ripped through my soul
torrents of teardrops
should have melted
my heart of ice and stone
but alas it was not so
in my pit of fury and hatred

Until . . . until
an olive branch
of mercy extended
offered with love
as the Lord proposed
I deign to forgive 
and make peace with
a haunted past and live
my future in a land of
milk and honey and 
strawberry fields

Now I recall
the gift of freedom
of grace and reconciliation
His cross a bridge
to peace for my soul

Your Turn

Okay, now it’s up to you to bring my number of regular players up past the 2 mark. Come on, you know you want to play. Post your poem in the comments, or on your blog and then include a link in the comments. I know I went the spiritual route, because it’s Lent, but I’ll give you extra points if you can work Kevin into your poem.

I am a Jesus Freak, and I don't care who knows it. I am a wife, mother, sister, aunt, daughter, and friend. My blood family is only part of the larger family of Christ that I belong to. I love to write, especially about my dear Savior.


10 Responses

  1. Just Another Degree of Separation

    I know a guy who knows a guy
    You better reach out before your well runs dry
    We’re all part of the contact nation
    Just another degree of separation

    In the dark to daylight is just a matter of degree
    And clouds add separation, wouldn’t you agree
    A switch or Mother Nature can make this conversion
    Just another degree of separation

    Strong wind or tornado, the distinction is not so neat
    Between water and ice, the difference is heat
    Yes, the environment around us contains variations
    Just another degree of separation

    An olive branch and strawberry are on the savanna
    Knock knock, orange you glad, I didn’t say banana
    Even food types can be part of this conversation
    Just another degree of separation

    From Earth to the moon, man passed that test
    The red planet is on deck for the next conquest
    The outer planets will provide further migration
    Just another degree of separation

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