Paint Chip Poetry Prompts

On a recent trip to Hawaii, I picked up this game called Paint Chip Poetry: A Game of Color and Wordplay. I wasn’t sure what I’d do with it, but I couldn’t resist the purchase, even though I don’t really have anyone to play it with.

Pondering how I might post more consistently on this blog in 2020, it occurred to me that I could play this game with all of you who read my blog and love poetry. And so the idea for Paint Chip Poetry Prompts was conceived.

Each Friday, I will post a picture that includes a prompt card and seven paint chip cards from the Paint Chip Poetry deck. I will also post my poem written in response to the cards drawn that week. Your challenge, should you accept it, is to write a poem in response to the prompt card that includes at least four of the seven paint chip words or phrases. You can limit yourself to the paint chip words provided or add more words of your own.

Once you’ve written your poem, post either the whole poem, or a link to where the poem is posted on your own blog, in the comments. You may include the prompt picture in your own post so long as you link back here.

Invite your friends to play along too!

Paint Chip Poetry Prompt #1

And here’s the first prompt for the year.

The prompt words are: clown nose, mustard seed, The Scarlet Letter, frost, octopus, dust bunny, and four-leaf clover. Extra points if you can include your own drawing using the colors of the paint chips! I wish I knew how to do that, but I’m graphically challenged.

Here’s my poem:

I Wish I Had a Mustard Seed

I wish I had a mustard seed lifestyle
Instead of all these dust bunny piles

I wish I was a mustard seed lover
I’m not a seeker of a four-leaf clover

I wish I wrote mustard seed prose
Or could draw a circus complete with clown nose

I wish I had mustard seed charms
And could do more with crazy octopus arms

I wish I knew what a mustard seed cost
Before the crop failed because of frost

But wait!
I do have faith like a mustard seed
It may be tiny but it’s all that I need

Your Turn

Okay, it’s your turn now. Write your poem and share it in the comments (whole poem or link). Then come back next Friday to see what crazy paint chips have fallen from my deck.

Update: Submitted to dVerse Poets Pubs Open Link Night. Head over there to check out some other poems offered.

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21 Responses

  1. Ok, Linda, after reading your poem and considering this fun prompt , I made an attempt:

    As rare as grace in The Scarlet Letter
    or strong as faith size of mustard seed
    as kleenex makes clown nose feel better
    or dust bunny hides until it is freed
    (would octopus lend a hand in need?)
    To wish for luck after frost is over
    surprised to find TWO four-leaf clover!

    Once I really did discover two four-leaf clover…guess I’m a seeker (for fun, not luck)!

  2. Oh this is absolutely lovely, Linda! 💝 I especially love; “I wish I knew what a mustard seed cost
    Before the crop failed because of frost.”

  3. I wish my clown nose would make a loud beep
    As I drive to town in my mustard seed Jeep
    The frost on the road will make me slow down
    But the four-leaf clover will remove my frown

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