I Am a Reluctant Watchman

The Poetics prompt at dVerse Poets Pub today is offered by guest bartender Lynn. She is asking us to write about what the watchman sees. I decided to take my first line from the Isaiah verse she quoted, with a slight modification. This prompt was actually perfect for me this week as I’ve been writing more (in prose/essay form) about my personal experience with abortion. I’ve felt a little like the watchman, though a reluctant one.

I Am a Reluctant Watchman

Go set a watchman; let her announce what she’s seen
Declares the Lord our God
It’s not about me, knows the watchman, but where I’ve been

I don’t want to play watchman in our world today
I tell the Lord my God
It’s not about you, He replies, you must go this way

And so I speak the atrocities I’ve both seen and done
Trusting the Lord my God
Then I share the compassion of Jesus the Son

Murder I see and murder I’ve perpetrated
Grieving the Lord our God
For our own convenience children are daily terminated

Lies I was told and deception reigns supreme
Angering the Lord our God
I wish I could say this is only a horrible dream

But He’s set me a watchman to announce what I’ve seen
Glorifying the Lord my God
With the truth I learned when I was just seventeen

Choices made out of fear can never be undone
Whispers the Lord my God
But they can be forgiven by the grace Christ has won

I am a Jesus Freak, and I don't care who knows it. I am a wife, mother, sister, aunt, daughter, and friend. My blood family is only part of the larger family of Christ that I belong to. I love to write, especially about my dear Savior.


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  1. Oh where would we be without forgiveness? We have all seen and perpetrated many crimes against God…and yet He continues to bless us with his forgiveness. Powerful piece.

  2. Caring and emphatic elements necessary in a good watchman. Very true Linda! Otherwise, it’ll be similar to border guards reacting in a sullen manner.


  3. Humans rule morals.. God establishes Nature..
    Nature rules over morals wheRever humans
    go.. that rarely changes wHere humans
    tread in feet of blood.. tears.. fears or
    guts.. to understand Nature ALL
    IS to understand GOD NOW
    it is not ‘sin’ to live now
    and in some places
    sacrifice of some
    is required for
    any to live
    at ALL..
    until these
    places are showeRing
    effective birth control
    other than abortion GOD’s
    Nature and abortion
    will continue to rule..
    True watchWOmen
    of Light
    do not
    truth of
    to eliminate
    human and other
    creation of suffering
    in all its forms from
    a grain of sand
    to the tallest
    above.. so below
    all around as God
    as US and all else
    IS..just IS.. JustiCe
    Lives in the
    of GOD
    eYes in
    US and
    yes.. those
    other places
    too.. HeLlp
    is more

  4. Two lines strike me as particularly powerful, standing unvarnished, unadorned and stark as they do:
    I don’t want to play watchman in our world today
    Choices made out of fear can never be undone

  5. forgiveness is the key for me here – it is important to have this watchman in us but it is more important to be this father or mother to those around us

  6. Indeed we all have to be watchmen…but we also have to recognize our humanity. And yes, there is forgiveness when we lapse. We must forgive others as well as ourselves! Your strong writing continues to impress me, Linda.

  7. The greatest gift we have to give is our stories, the humility of confessing our own failings – because they have power; to rescue those that are there now, or are considering similar pathes, or fear they are too far gone to know love again. This is why we need watch(wo)men, to look for those that need to hear – even if they wont in the moment.

  8. Courageous words, Linda. Hard lessons to learn so young but thankfully, there’s forgiveness offered. Peace to you (as you offer to others), my friend.

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