Vacation in the Sun


Weeks of planning precede a visit to paradise, to Maui, the Valley Isle. So much to see and so in so small an area of land nestled in the middle of the vast Pacific Ocean. Snorkeling is at the top of the activities list—the options seem endless: Molikini, Lana’i, Honolua Bay, Turtle Bay, and more; take a boat trip or drive to the beach and park. We picked boat trip to Lana’i—resulted in very little snorkeling due to high south swell. Who knew? At least there was a beautiful white sand beach.

Lāhainā—the cruel sun—beats down relentlessly, burning, charring tender skin exposed to its deceptively pleasant rays. Beautiful white sand beach entices the unwary traveler to bask in the warmth, float on the buoyant, gentle salt waves. Relaxation gives way to a little nap—a dangerous nap that steals away vacation days with lobster-red, swollen feet, unbending burnt knees—pain one should never experience on holiday. yet Lāhainā shows no remorse for its cruelty.

White sand, crashing waves
Ocean as far as the eye
can see, sun too hot

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  1. Ah yes.. a midsummer’s beach reflecting
    water.. white sand.. no forgiveness for
    whiter human skin.. so i go later
    in afternoon Summer.. to
    escape the Sun’s Rays
    of beach killing

  2. ah yes – it’s painful to get sunburnt – and it happens quite easily – i’m using sunscreen factor 50 nowadays… i had factor 3 when i was a kid and that was enough back then… how things have changed…

  3. Have to be wary of the sun and its (cruel) after effects of exposing too much skin ~ But what a lovely vacation on the white sand beach, smiles ~

  4. The sun is quite a seducer but oh! how it makes you pay for trusting it. In spite of no snorkeling and sunburn, it still sounds a lovely trip. Nice haibun with all the heat and sun packed in. Thank you for posting while you were having to work and do this by phone.

  5. Ah, it is so easy to underestimate the effects of Maui sun! Turtle Bay is sooo beautiful. I read your words with nostalgia. So true that Lahaina shows no remorse for its cruelty. It continues its ‘cruel’ behavior day after day. Perhaps you will have to return again to Maui to snorkel.

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