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  1. Linda, My name is Philip, your poem “flowers in bloom” captured my heart as an employee of a tree farm. I would like to use your poem on a post card and am seeking your permission to use it?

    Forever Grateful & touched by your words,
    Philip Polito V

    • Hi Philip, I’m so glad you were blessed by this poem. And thank you for asking permission to use it in your post card. You may use it provided you attribute the poem to me and include the URL to this blog. Peace, Linda

  2. I have written a song now being put on cd and I was wondering what your copyright laws are about putting the picture of God Collects Your Tears picture of a mason jar? Tell me what your requirements would be for using such a picture? Thank you.
    Carol A Adams

    • Carol, I am not sure which picture you are referring to. If it is the one that is with my post God Keeps Your Tears in a Bottle that is posted on, I do not hold the copyright to that picture and do not know who does. Linda

  3. Linda. Could I please use one of your poems to read at a civic service in the near future. The poem is Flowers in Bloom. I would of course credit the poem to you in the reading.

    Thank you in anticipation

    John B Casey

  4. I’ve never seen a copyright page on a blog before. Thank you for this inspiring and important idea. I appreciate your thoroughness and integrity.

    (Sandskrit word meaning “The God in me, honors & loves the God in you”)

  5. Hi Linda,

    I hope you Christmas was happy and joyful. I pray that your new years of full of love, joy, peace and prosperity in the Lord.



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