Paint Chip Poetry Prompt #42

We’ve made it to week #42. Only 10 more weeks of paint chip prompts after this. I’ve loved these weekly prompts and getting to read all the wonderful poems that are inspired by my posts. I’m already noodling on what to do for weekly poetry prompts for 2021. Whatever it is, I guarantee it will be somewhat random and lots of fun.

Once again this week, I have chosen the theme for this prompt by using a random number generator to select a page in my Romantic Poets book. The random number brought me to page 100, which is still in the William Wordsworth section of the book. The title of the first poem on that page is Written in March.

The Challenge

And so the challenge today is to write a poem about something written in March, or written during a march I suppose, and using at least 5 of the following words and phrases: the road less traveled, Plymouth Rock, tissue, taxi, chalkboard, brown-paper package, and yellow brick road.

My Poem

Here’s my poem. It’s kind of silly and totally fictional. But I had fun writing it.

The Best Laid Plans

It was early March, the weather was damp.
We made our plans, written in camp.

Our tents kept us dry near Plymouth Rock.
Outside we heard the chickens squawk.

A brown-paper package sat on the table.
Its contents the key to meet our timetable.

A chalkboard stood about mid-tent
On an easel with a frame quite bent.

I wiped my brow with a soft tissue,
Anxious and afraid we'd not make it through.

We wouldn't be following the yellow brick road,
Or going to where milk and honey flowed.

Instead we would take the road less traveled.
The one not paved but instead loose graveled. 

At the end of the journey we wouldn't find
A horse-drawn taxi to return us in kind.

But we made a pact, our promise to keep.
That's how we ended up here fast asleep.

Your Turn

Now it’s your turn. Post your poem in the comments below. Or, if you prefer, post it on your blog and link to it in the comments. I look forward to reading your inspired words over the next week (and beyond if you don’t have time this week).

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