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When I started this blog, the only blogs on my blogroll list (below) were my niece Leanne’s blog and one of my law school professors Jack Bogdanski’s blog.

As I’ve spent more time blogging and checking out other blogs, I have added more blogs to the list. Some of these are blogs I have found through my WordPress dashboard list of new posts or tag surfer. Others are bloggers who have found my blog and commented on one of my posts. Most, but not all, of are on topics related to Christianity.

I have not read everything on any of these blogs, and do not necessarily agree with everything they say. But I have found some uplifting posts that glorify God and seek to help others in their walk with Jesus.

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  1. Hi Linda,

    I just recently stumbled across your blog as I was looking for ways to network with websites that are a little more seasoned than mine ( : Although there is no need to feel obligated, would it be possible to get a link on your blogroll if you are comfortable with my site content? Feel free to email me directly, and thanks for your feedback either way!

    • Jeff, Welcome! When I get a chance I will check out your site and give you a link if it fits with the kinds of things I include there. I’ll give you a little advice about growing your blog following, though, and that is just to visit other blogs and comment on their posts. Eventually people will come visit your blog, too, and comment. Soon it will be like you’ve been a part of the blog community forever. Peace, Linda

  2. I just did a search on “Am I my brother’s keeper” and it brought me to your blog. Thank you. I hope you don’t mind that I posted it on my FB page. It is a message that a dear friend of mine may need to hear, and I wanted it to come from someone other than myself. I’m going to visit you blog again and again. Thanks for being you, and for speaking loudly and clearly, without fear. The world needs that.

  3. Thank you Linda for subscribing to my blog. God is truly bringing some wonderful people together from around the world. That is just like our God. He is the Sovereign God!

    Iron sharpens iron.


    Your sister in Christ! Debra

    • Debra, It is wonderful how the Lord has lead me to so many wonderful Christian blogs, and has given me the strength and wisdom to keep up with my own. As we say at the close of every service in my church, “Thanks be to God.” Peace, Linda

  4. Hi Linda,

    Thank you for your comments in my blog…I’m happy to find another blogger who shares the love of God…And thank you for adding me in your blogroll…I will be visiting your blog often..

    God bless your ministry
    Rani John

  5. Hi Linda. I am glad to meet you. And I do hope to get to know you better as time goes by. Meanwhile, I wish and pray that all will be well with you and the ministry in your heart as you write your bit!

    And thank you for putting me on your blogroll.



  6. Thanks for visiting my blog and I’m glad you liked my post. Thank you also for adding me to your blogroll, it’s nice to be able to share the things we learn with others.

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