Sea of Umbrellas

New York City Umbrella Scene, courtesy of Mary
New York City Umbrella Scene, courtesy of Mary

They aren’t Oregonians, that’s for sure. This sea of umbrellas must be somewhere that people are afraid of melting or that a little rain will mess up their perfectly coiffed hair. One hundred percent chance of rain—real drenching rain, not a mere drizzle—and there wouldn’t be an umbrella in sight where I come from. I know, because that’s what I faced just this morning. So I threw on my rain jacket, flipped up the hood, and I was good to go.

Wait, I think I see an Oregonian there next to the girl with the pink umbrella. He’s braving the rain with a backpack on his back in true Oregonian style. No fear!

A little rainfall
never melted anyone
but the wicked witch


For Haibun Monday at dVerse Poets Pub, Mary has given us four of her original photos to choose from to inspire our haibun. Mine’s a little shorter than my usual haibun, but I think it fits the bill for this rainy, windy day in Oregon, with flooding streams and standing water on the roads.

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  1. Ha, ha, ha! I’m sure Oregonians are like the English – no need to have hoods or umbrellas, you’re not made of sugar, you won’t melt in a few drops of rain… A charming, tongue-in-cheek take on the prompt. And very succinct too, unlike me!

  2. Smiles.. humans
    never fear the
    rain until they
    before that
    it is a joy
    to beat
    heat.. and
    of course to
    drink.. as life
    giving 90% of
    what we are

    Old dreams
    of Rain
    Simply Life..:)

  3. Living up the road from you near Tacoma, I hear where you’re coming from. I have two umbrellas in my car, had them for 10 years & have never opened either of them; gortex jackets with big hoods & ball caps do it for me. To the ghost lady in TX, I have to say that when it finally does rain there it floods everything.

  4. This reminds me of Scotland. I spent a whole school year there and since I did not have a car had to walk quite a lot. The irst thing I bought was an umbrella!

  5. A most humorous haibun! I don’t usually worry about rain because I wear my hair in a single braid and I don’t wear make up….I’m glad you spotted that one Oregonian in the crowd of prissy pots!

  6. I wish it was raining here instead of cold icy winter~ I like my big umbrellas if it rains and I can’t just have a rain jacket ~ Love the sea of umbrellas and a little rain doesn’t hurt for sure ~

  7. haha…good one! We never see many umbrellas here where I am in Tx either. I think it’s because we so seldom see any rain, we forget we have one, or forget where we put it 😉

  8. Ah, I think people in Washington State and Oregon are used to such rain. They hardly bat an eye with it. They are ‘good to go’ in any kind of weather!

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