Hiding My Weakness No More

As I prepared and cleaned house for family to visit this past weekend, I had my iPod playing with some of the newest (to me) music I have put on it. That included Sanctus Real, the band that opened for Casting Crowns when I saw them recently. They are a great band and I’m really glad I bought their 3 CD Anthology.

One song in particular brought tears to my eyes and really spoke to me. It’s called “I’m Not Alright.” I think pretty much everyone could sing this song, but most of us won’t because we are afraid to admit our weaknesses and brokenness. When someone asks how we are doing, the pat answer is “alright” or “fine.” Often that is not the truth. But because “fine” is the socially acceptable answer to “how are you” we never know how others truly are doing. We assume we are the only ones hurting, the only ones struggling and in need of strength and comfort, because everyone else is “fine.”

Satan would love for us to keep up appearances, because then we aren’t there to help each other or to encourage each other to lean on Jesus for strength and comfort.

But I’m here to say I’m not alright. I can’t get through this thing called life all alone. I need my Savior and I need other people. I also want to encourage you to hide your weakness no more.

I am a Jesus Freak, and I don't care who knows it. I am a wife, mother, sister, aunt, daughter, and friend. My blood family is only part of the larger family of Christ that I belong to. I love to write, especially about my dear Savior.


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  1. Thanks for sharing, Linda

    My responses vary from ‘not good’ to ‘this too shall pass’ and everything in between. I like the definition from anewlifeofhope. I hope I remember that the next time someone tells me they’re fine :-)I like watching people’s reactions when I tell them how I’m really doing. Sometimes I tell them “you don’t want to know…” 🙂

    “This is “because “fine” is the socially acceptable answer to “how are you” we never know how others truly are doing.”
    Indeed. This is such a horrible lie that believers have been speaking to each other for years. I have friends who tell me to speak the good only, but I find that strange when the Christ himself admitted to being thirsty and asked the Father to take the cup away, if possible.

    As sister Pat reminded me today, His strength is perfected in my weakness. I will step back and let Him be strong. I am so looking for the day when the things that limit us here will not even be in our memories.

    Thanks for your honesty and for pointing us towards speaking what we feel. If we tell others how we feel they may find out we’re not super beings after all.


    • Ann, I also look forward to the day when the things that limit us here are not even in our memories, when the pain that has me struggling through simple tasks is no more. As we share how we really are, I think it is important to remember that when we are weak, He is strong and point people to Jesus as our source of strength. “I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me.” Even things I can’t do on my own. Peace, Linda

  2. Linda, I loved how when you and Katherine told others something other than “fine” it helped them to open up too. And then we know how to pray for each other. I see honesty and truth and trust being worked out here! 🙂
    Aubrey’s sleeping by the computer, so will come back and listen to Sanctus Real real soon.
    God bless you, Linda, and all the ways you allow Him to touch others through you.

    • Deb, So much of the world knows nothing of honesty, truth, and trust, and that is sad. But we can each do our little part to help reveal those things to others and allow Jesus to make the world a better place. Peace, Linda

  3. Thank you. Shared this on Facebooks. I never say just fine, always surprises others when I say things like, “Hoping things get better.” or “Down but not out.” and then I ask “How about you?” Cashiers are forced to ask this and usually my response and asking them gets a smile and an honest answer back.

    Stay strong.

    • Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I sometimes answer honestly, too, and it does seem to take people by surprise. But I find that those are the people who will eventually let me know how they are really doing. Peace, Linda

  4. This is so true. Satan wants us to deceive others by saying that we are ‘fine’ or okay. I believe that we are in a sense deceiving others when we say we are fine we really aren’t. I once had a teacher that explained that fine really stands for “Feelings Internalized Not Expressed.” It stuck with me ever since then. Thank you for sharing today! It really does take a strong person to say how he/she is really feeling.

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