Chop Salad for Recipe Friday

It’s finally really summer here in the Pacific Northwest. It was 90° last Saturday and as I write this on Wednesday night I see that it’s supposed to hit 90° again the next two days. This has me thinking about salads. I know we should eat salad all year around because the raw veggies are good for us, but they just seem more appealing when the weather gets hot.

Tonight I made a chop salad that turned out really good. Now this particular recipe is just a suggestion for making a chop salad, though it did turn out pretty awesome. But the real key to a chop salad is not so much in what vegetables you put in the salad as how you chop them. The pieces need to be very small and you have to mix it up with the dressing before serving.

Chop Salad


1 heart of romaine lettuce
½ English cucumber
4 oz shredded carrots – I used packaged shredded carrots
¼ cup honey glazed pecans
¼ cup Martin’s Swiss dressing


Cut romaine lettuce across the head in thin slices, then cut the opposite direction so you have small pieces of lettuce. Cut cucumber into ¼ inch cubes or smaller. Mix lettuce, cucumber, carrots, and pecans in a large bowl. Pour dressing over the top and mix well.

Alternatives: Other vegetables that work good for chop salad are tomatoes, sweet peppers, onions, jicama, snap peas, frozen green peas (thawed), and olives.

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  1. Thank you! You have no idea how much God has used your recipe Fridays in my life. Even when it isn’t something my family would eat, it yet encourages me to keep trying and instills a joy in the whole cooking process, renewing me where I need it so much! I make the same ol’ salad all the time. This sounds like a great one that everyone should like!!! 🙂
    God bless you and all the ways He works through you!
    Have a great weekend! We are off to house sit again for a few days! 🙂

    • Deb, I don’t know what I would do if my family was a picky as yours. Mine will eat anything I cook and never complain, even when it seems to me like it’s the same old thing once again! I’m glad you are encouraged by my Recipe Friday. 🙂 And I hope your family all like this salad. Have a great time house sitting. Peace, Linda

    • Jessica, Thanks for stopping by and commenting! I agree that jicama is underappreciated. I like to just eat it raw with no dressing as part of my lunch, usually with a few slices of cucumber or red pepper. But when it’s for dinner I put it in a salad with dressing so my hubby will eat it. 😉 Peace, Linda

  2. Thanks Linda 🙂
    Yum! And thanks for including the subs too. Nice!
    I’m filing this one!!
    P.S. there goes that dressing again 🙂

    • Ann, It just happened to be the dressing I had in the fridge! You could use whatever dressing you like and I’m sure it would be delicious. 🙂 Peace, Linda

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