What Are You Doing With Your Talents?

The subject of talents seems to have come up a lot lately. Or more specifically, the subject of my writing talent. Several people have commented on my blog that I am talented. My response is always that my writing talent is a gift from God, and that I have seen that the more I use that talent to glorify God the more He increases that talent.

Then last Sunday our interim pastor preached a sermon based on the Parable of the Talents as recorded in Matthew 25:14-30 (NIV). I love this parable, and our pastor made a couple of interesting observations that I want to share (though not necessarily in the order he shared them because I forgot to take notes – note taking is not one of my greatest talents).

First, he pointed us back to the parable immediately before this one, and that is the Parable of the Ten Virgins in Matthew 25:1-13 (NIV). The lamp oil referred to in this earlier parable represents the Holy Spirit. To be ready to receive, use, and multiply the talents that God gives us, we must be filled with and rely on the Holy Spirit.

Second, although the Parable of the Talents refers to money that was given to each of the servants, Jesus isn’t really talking about money. He is talking about whatever the Lord entrusts to us, including our spiritual gifts and natural talents.

Third, he pointed out that each of the three servants in the Parable of the Talents was given a different number of talents, “each according to his ability.” Matthew 25:15 (NIV). Here Jesus is saying that God gives different talents to different people. We need to use the talents God has given us, and not always be looking at others and wishing we had their talents. Although I have a talent for writing, there are other things (such as singing and caring for the sick) that I don’t have the greatest talent for. Rather than being jealous of those who have talents I don’t, I should be thankful for the blessing they are and for the talents I have been given.

Fourth, if God gives us a talent and we use it to His glory, He will give us the ability to succeed. It may not be the kind of success the world tells us to seek. We may not gain material possessions or status or fame. But we will succeed at furthering the kingdom of God.

Finally, when we use our talents as God has called us to, they will be multiplied. The kingdom of God will be increased and we will be blessed. Then our Lord will say:

‘Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your master’s happiness!’ Matthew 25:23 (NIV).

But when you refuse to use our talents for His glory, in the end they will be taken away and given to those who have been faithful with God’s gifts.

So what are you doing with the talents God has given you? You do have some, you know, even if you think you don’t. Are you hiding your talents in a hole in the ground? Or are you using them to the best of your ability? If you’ve hidden them, I urge you to go dig them up now and start using them for God’s glory before the Master returns and it’s too late.

I am a Jesus Freak, and I don't care who knows it. I am a wife, mother, sister, aunt, daughter, and friend. My blood family is only part of the larger family of Christ that I belong to. I love to write, especially about my dear Savior.


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  1. Thanks, Linda

    Beautiful post. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    “if God gives us a talent and we use it to His glory, He will give us the ability to succeed.”
    Just today I thought of my new responsibilities and the need to balance them with everything else on my plate. Today I felt so inadequate in the midst of a crisis but after my episode, He reminded me that I can do (what He wants me to do), through Him.

    Thank you for this timely reminder. I needed it. Needed, like really, really needed it 🙂


  2. God’s timing is wonderful… I have been going through a series of bible study at church on this very topic. We all have talent but unfortunately, we don’t always use them either because we let fear and doubt take over or we use them in the wrong way. May all of our talents be used and used for His glory.
    Wonderful post!

    • April, God’s timing is perfect! I pray all those in your Bible study will be blessed by the study you are doing on using our talents for God. I echo your prayer that all our talents be used for His glory. Peace, Linda

  3. This was so encouraging, Linda. Thank you! I loved the fourth point, that we will succeed when we use our talents for God . . .not necessarily in the worlds eyes, but in His eyes, for His Kingdom. That really blessed me.
    God bless you as you use what you’ve been given for Him!

    • Deb, Your comment is a perfect example of how my use of my talents for God’s glory produced fruit – the fruit of encouragement! 🙂 I know that you are definitely a success in His eyes as a result of your wonderful blog, as well as the love and care you give to Aubrey and your husband. Peace, Linda

  4. Great post today and thanks for sharing your pastor’s sermon
    We can all learn from each others teachings and talents
    Prayers for your day

    • I have learned a lot from our interim pastor’s teachings, as well as his talent for just caring for others and trusting in God’s plan. It is my honor to share his words of wisdom. Peace, Linda

  5. Talents bring responsibility. This is a lovely post. Thank you for reminding us that we don’t have to ‘have the lot’. Each member of the body of Christ brings something really individual and precious because each talent is god-given.

    • So true, and we need each of those different talents for the body of Christ to function properly. Think of when the heart decides to stop doing its job, there is no other body part able to perform its unique function, none with the same talent for pumping blood. The whole body suffers as a result. But when the heart does its job properly it enables the other parts of the body to develop their talents, too. 🙂 Peace, Linda

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