The crowd egged Him on
but He never cracked
Pilate put pressure on
but He didn’t blow His stack

He knew what lay ahead
but never shied away
The hardest cross before Him
but nothing made Him sway

He knew He’d rise another day

For Quadrille Monday at dVerse Poets Pub, where the word of the day is egg.

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Holy Week


How do You love me
Oh my Lord, my God
Let me look to the cross
Your loving sacrifice

Where would I be without
Emmanuel, my giver of
Eternal life in You
Keeper of the Truth

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Saving Grace


Little words

Form poetry short

Just my saving grace


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My Favorite Snack


Creamy dark
Chocolate with nuts
Melts in my mouth





This is a little elfje reminds me how thankful I am I didn’t give up chocolate for Lent. Giving up the time to write a poem everyday was a much better choice.

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My dog
In the morning
He loves eating treats

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radiates from Thee
on Your throne
Angels sing
Holy our exalted God
Merciful art Thee

bleeds from Thy crown
on the cross
Mary weeps
Holy my exalted Son
Forgiving art Thee

emanates from Thee
in my heart
I adore
Holy Spirit dwells in me
Comforting art Thee

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Writer’s Block

Doubt masquerades
as writer’s block

If you’re truly a writer
you have to admit
there’s no such thing
as writer’s block

Words constantly swirl
around in your mind
clamoring to get out
to be written on a pristine
piece of white paper or
typed on a computer screen

Along come doubt and fear
What if these are the wrong words?
What if these words aren’t perfect?
What if someone hates these words
. . . once I write them?

Oh, dear writer,
your answer to doubt must be bold
What if these are the right words
. . . but I never write them down?
So what if they’re not perfect?
What if these are the words someone
. . . desperately needs to read?
What if these are the very words
. . . God intended me to write?

So tell your doubt to shut up
to quit pretending to be writer’s block

God did not give us a spirit of timidity
Fear has no place in the writer’s tool box
Write those words that swirl
Share them with the world

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