Trust, Sun, and Friendship – My Tuesday Three

Okay, I just couldn’t leave yesterday as my only post about the Third Day concert I went to on Saturday. It was so much fun and I had an awesome time, and so I decided for My Tuesday Three to share three great things about the concert.

The first great thing I want to share is that Third Day sang one of my favorite songs and I got it on video. Here’s my video of “Trust in Jesus” posted on YouTube.

I love how Mac Powell starts this song when he says, “This is a little ditty about the end times and judgment day.” He was kind of making a joke, but also being very serious. We will all face judgment before the throne of God. When we do, we have two choices. First, we can stand before Him on our own merits and say, “Okay, God, I’ve tried my best and I think I’ve done pretty good. I went to church, I didn’t steal or murder anyone, and I tried to be nice to everyone I met.” Second, we can say, “I trust in Jesus, because I know I’ve sinned and not all of my good deeds could ever make up for what I’ve done.” I’ve decided I’ll go with the latter option, and this song is a wonderful reminder of the choice I have made.

What are you going to do when your time has come
And your life is done and there’s nothing you can stand on
What will you have to say at the judgment throne
I already know the only thing that I can say I

There’s nothing I can do on my own to find forgiveness
It’s by His grace alone I trust in Jesus
Trust in Jesu

The second great thing I want to share is that the weather was awesome! It was a beautiful sunny day and 90°, which would have been too hot if not for some shade. But this being the Pacific Northwest, it could just as easily have been drizzling rain even in August. I personally love hot weather so it was just perfect for me. Mac commented that it seemed cool to the band compared to Atlanta, Georgia, where they are from. We were able to find shade to watch most of the show before Third Day, and by the time they came on stage the sun was starting to go behind some trees. It was a perfect!

So you might be wondering who else is part of this “we” I’ve mentioned. Well, that brings me to the third great thing about this concert. I bought my tickets over a month ago not having any idea who was going to go with me. Several times I posted on Facebook that I was looking for someone to go with me, but no one replied that they could. I had asked several people in the week or so leading up to the concert, but everyone had other plans already. My son said he would go with me if I couldn’t find anyone else, but he was just being nice and didn’t really want to go because he is not a big fan of concerts. (If I didn’t KNOW he was my son, I might wonder at this point, because I love concerts!)

On Saturday morning I had a meeting at church that I had to go to, and I still hadn’t found anyone to go to the concert with me. It started at noon, but I knew Third Day wouldn’t be on until after 5:00 so I figured there was still time. When I got home from my meeting I made a few more calls. I finally got a call back from my friend A, and she said she would love to go and that she just had a couple of things she had to do first.

We finally headed out about 3:30 and arrived at the venue by 4:00. We had lawn chairs because it was an outdoor event with seating on the grass. At one point A asked me if I thought it would be okay if she sat during Third Day’s performance because she has trouble standing for long periods of time. I said I thought that would be fine. In the end, though, she was having so much fun and enjoying the show that she stood up through the whole thing (except the one song where Mac told us all to sit).

As we were leaving the concert, my friend A said that this concert was such a blessing to her and that God had some relevant messages for her in the music. Knowing I had been God’s instrument for her blessing was a great blessing to me, too. On the drive home we both were just beaming with God’s love and hope. I was so happy that God had arranged for her to be the one to accompany me. It reminded me that even when I don’t know what He has planned, it’s going to be something wonderful.

So that’s it for My Tuesday Three. It was a concert of trusting in Jesus, sun shining down, and the blessing of friendship. Who could ask for more?

I am a Jesus Freak, and I don't care who knows it. I am a wife, mother, sister, aunt, daughter, and friend. My blood family is only part of the larger family of Christ that I belong to. I love to write, especially about my dear Savior.


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  1. Hi Linda! It is so nice to meet you. Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog and leaving your comments. I really appreciate it. I was blessed to read your post on Third Day. I’m so glad everything turned out greater than you imagined. God is good like that! Your post brought back memories of when my daughter and I went to see Third Day several years ago. They were wonderful. We left feeling truly blessed. I put you on my Blogroll so I can keep up with you. 🙂 Blessings!

    • Thanks for stopping by and commenting, and for putting me on your blogrolll! It’s always good to meet another follower of Christ and fan of Third Day. God is good, indeed, and brought me such blessing through this concert and they just keep coming. Peace, Linda

  2. Such a beautiful Tuesday Three! 🙂 You had me smiling right off the bat , when you said you couldn’t leave it at just one Monday post. I’m so glad you couldn’t do that because we received the blessing of this one! So glad you not only got to go, but had sun too, and were able to video one of the songs you love, and then had a dear friend with you who was blessed so much too! It doesn’t get much better than that! 🙂
    God bless you and thank you for spreading the joy!

  3. Thanks, Linda

    Now you really have me looking forward!!

    ‘There’s nothing I can do on my own to find forgiveness”
    The reality of this hit me today as I read an OT account of sacrifices and offerings. I’m not rich but I have sinned a lot… how on earth would I afford to pay for my transgressions? So thankful for the blood of Jesus!

    Glad you had a great time. (This reminds me of your family fellowship post. Isn’t it grand to celebrate Him with others?)


    • Ann, I hope they head up your way to Canada sometime soon so you can go see them! I have another video I took of them singing “I Want to Sing a Song” and in the middle is Mac saying a prayer that God would be present and that He would bring healing (physical, emotional, and spiritual) and blessings to everyone present. It is just so precious to hear prayers from the stage at a concert. And it was just so wonderful to share this with my friend who, if I hadn’t invited her, would not have gotten to go. 🙂 Peace, Linda

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