Show Me Your Glory – A Poem

The Israelites saw the glory of God in the pillar of fire and the pillar of smoke that led them through the desert. Still, Moses asked God, “Show me Your glory.” Exodus 33:18. I am thankful that, without even asking, God shows us His glory every day. So for Thankful Thursday I decided to write a poem about the Glory of my Lord and Savior.

Show Me Your Glory

Show me Your glory?
I don’t have to ask
You already have
In so many ways

The roses bloom
Revealing Your beauty

The birds sing
Revealing Your joy

The sun rises each morning
Revealing Your faithfulness

The wind blows
Revealing Your power

The ocean tide ebbs and flows
Revealing Your steadiness

The Bible is translated in many languages
Revealing Your truth

Your Holy Spirit indwells Your believers
Revealing Your wisdom

Your Son died on the cross
Revealing Your love

The women found the empty tomb
Revealing Your glory

In so many ways
You have shown me
All I must do is open my eyes
You show me Your glory

I am a Jesus Freak, and I don't care who knows it. I am a wife, mother, sister, aunt, daughter, and friend. My blood family is only part of the larger family of Christ that I belong to. I love to write, especially about my dear Savior.


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  1. Another blessing. Thanks Linda. Another reminder of what a great God we serve.

    We cannot help but see God’s glory all around us. Although this world has been corrupted by fallen mankind, it shouts out the glory of God. How magnificent His creation must have been before it was tainted!

    I believe the glory of God is most evident in the changed lives of His blood-bought children. We can marvel at His power in stilling the winds and the waves; at parting the sea; at all the wonders and miracles – but really, did the winds or the sea have any option but to obey Him? They were created by Him and HAD to obey.

    On the other hand, God gave us free will. WE are the ONLY part of His creation that has the power to refuse to obey. How incredible! ALL of creation MUST obey its Creator, and yet WE can refuse! What love He shows!

    What a wonderful revelation of His glory when He broke my stubborn will; when He gave me understanding of Himself and gave me the faith to believe!!! What a revelation of His glory when He COMPLETELY CHANGED me; when He made me a NEW person! What a revelation of His glory as He continues His work in my life, overcoming my desire to go my own way! He has a l-o-n-g way to go, and I know I will continue to struggle sometimes, but – *I KNOW* He continue His work and one day will present me faultless – NOT by anything in me, but ONLY because of His work. What a revelation of His glory that will be! And all heaven will praise Him!

  2. The Holy Spirit shows me what I could never see for myself. I love that God reveals himself in the beauty of his creation. I wish everyone knew his joy and grace.

  3. Linda . . .this would be so great on a card! Or a poster! Or both!
    Thank you for staying with Your Lord, listening and writing what He gives you. It is really special to read poems like this and know it comes from a close relationship with Jesus.
    God bless you and your thankful heart and soul!

    • Deb, How about in a book of poetry? I’ve been thinking a lot lately about putting together all my poetry here into a book and trying to find a publisher, or self-publish. And I am determined not to let someone discourage me from this idea like I did the book idea I was working on last year (which I am still thinking about, too). Now I just have ask the Lord for the extra time to make these things happen! Peace, Linda

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